Friday, March 14, 2008

Marketing to Second Generation Hispanics

Today I'm going to do a rather short post to share one good point and also link to a good write up about brand archetyping.

First, lets think about the Hispanic market in terms of first and second generations. As an advertiser, when you market to second generation Hispanics you also influence the buying decisions and brand loyalty of the first generation. In many ways the second generation is the trend setter for the first generation. The first generation is new to the US experience and often looking for brand and product leadership from people they trust. We've seen this illustrated in the example of how Hispanic children often introduce new products and brands into the family unit. As such, a byproduct of marketing to second generation Hispanics is that you also have the possibility to influence an even larger market segment - first generation Hispanics.

Next, I just wanted to offer a link to this article about Brand Archetyping - Using archetypes to build stronger brands.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hispanics Online

Okay. Yes. I've taken a few weeks off from the grind. It's been nice. But, back to work.

Instead of diving back into Korzenny's book, I wanted to spend this blog highlighting some resources made available to me from my membership in the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA). Perhaps I'll spend my next post discussing the AHAA. However, given the wealth of material that came, I wanted to spend this post highlighting some insight into the online activities of Hispanic market contained in Hispanic Fact Pack 2007 which is a supplement to AdvertisingAge.

First, let's take a look at (you can click on all of these graphs to enlarge):

What's interesting here is that Hispanic web users are indeed more affluent, education and acculturated. As compared to offline Hispanic demographics, online Hispanics are younger, make more money and are more likely to have a college degree. Online Hispanics are also more likely to be the 2nd generation of their family in the US and less likely to be Spanish-dominant.

Next, I wanted to share this breakdown of online activities:

What's interesting here is that online Hispanics roughly mirror that of US non-Hispanics but this graph does show uniqueness in the Hispanic market and opportunity. For instance, Hispanics, as compared to US non-Hispanics, listen to more internet radio, watch more internet video, download more music and video, use IM more frequently and use social networking sites more often. What this data says to me is that the Hispanic market online is highly adept at using technology to communicate with others and entertain.

Lastly, what networks and what sites do the Hispanic market frequent?

A lot can be taken from this data but I immediately thought of the data in the context of Microsoft's pursuit of Yahoo. I could write a ton about Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. However, let's just look at what Microsoft has to gain from Yahoo in terms of reaching the Hispanic market. As you can see, regardless of language preference, Yahoo attracts more of the Hispanic market as compared to Google and Google attracts more than MSN. Should Microsoft acquire Yahoo, they would effectively dominate Google in the Hispanic market. I wonder if this - the Hispanic market - is a consideration of Microsoft's pursuit of Yahoo.