Friday, March 14, 2008

Marketing to Second Generation Hispanics

Today I'm going to do a rather short post to share one good point and also link to a good write up about brand archetyping.

First, lets think about the Hispanic market in terms of first and second generations. As an advertiser, when you market to second generation Hispanics you also influence the buying decisions and brand loyalty of the first generation. In many ways the second generation is the trend setter for the first generation. The first generation is new to the US experience and often looking for brand and product leadership from people they trust. We've seen this illustrated in the example of how Hispanic children often introduce new products and brands into the family unit. As such, a byproduct of marketing to second generation Hispanics is that you also have the possibility to influence an even larger market segment - first generation Hispanics.

Next, I just wanted to offer a link to this article about Brand Archetyping - Using archetypes to build stronger brands.


ernst said...

Hi Heath, it´s José. I´ve found a contact that might be helpful for your work.

His name is Felipe Korzenny and he`s Ph.D. Director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University.

You can contact him at:

He gives a course about Hispanic Marketing:

and also wrote a book called: "Hispanic Marketing: A cultural perspective"

Good luck.


Heath Anderson said...

Hey José, Thanks for the email to Dr. Korzenny. I may at some point contact him. Heck, maybe he might read the blog one day and contact me! That would be cool. Anyways, I've been using his book as my primary guide and I used his course at FSU to help shape my independent study at New Mexico Highlands. Speaking of which... it's been Spring Break (holiday) so I've been away for a while and haven't posted much. I'll be getting back into the swing of it again pretty soon.

Take care.
- Heath

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Vfhusa said...

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